Bodi ofWillow River


Introducing Bodi. Bodi came into Heathrow from Wisconsin USA on the 31st May 2018. He is just one year old and still very kitten like. Both his parents are from a siamese cattery in Thailand making him pure Siamese and a valuable asset to our breeding programme. He is fully registered and PRA negative. I and my breeding partner Julie Singleton of Sialaxy Siamese have imported him together as we have our other US boys. Bodi is not a large cat but he does have a lot of growing to do. He is going out in the garden and is settling down well. We are both very grateful to Ann of Willow River cattery for letting us have this lovely boy. Bodi only produces Seal, like a lot of native Thai cats and will be a good asset to our depleting gene pool. The photos are Bodi's first day out in the garden and he is fluffed up seeing my other boys. More pics to follow as he matures.

The two bottom phots of Bodi were taken on 17th Nov 2018. This shows how much he has matured and put on condition going from a teenager to an adult cat